Meet Imagineer Tony Baxter

You can start the countdown, the official 20th birthday celebration of Disneyland Paris is getting near and the park will be filled with new magic and special events. Fans of Disneyland Paris and Imagineering in general will have a special treat on April 12th. No other then Tony Baxter will be at Disneyland Paris to share his  memories from the early days of the resort. The special event will take place inside the Videopolis in Discoveryland. He will talk about his involvement in Disneyland Paris and there will be time for some Q&A too. The event starts at 10:45 and ends about 1 hour later.

Tony Baxter started his career in Disneyland Anaheim at the age of 17. he started on Main Street U.S.A. Scooping ice cream but was hired at WED Enterprises (Walt Disney Imagineering) a some years later where he would first be involved in smaller project before starting to work on the big once. Big Thunder Mountain was his first major project and the rest is history! He worked on a re-design of Disneyland’s “Fantasyland”, the original “Journey Into Imagination”, the beloved “Splash Mountain”, the new “Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage” at Disneyland and many more. Tony took a big part in creating the Disneyland Paris we know and love today. This event is your chance to hear his stories of this magical place.

Disneyland Paris fans will be able to hear from Tony Baxter himself how the Disneyland Park was formed, created and build. Their might be some interesting facts or secrets or even stories about some early ideas that didn’t make it into the final design of the resort. Whatever the presentation will be about, it will be incredibly interesting for sure.

If interested it is advices to show up early to the Videopolis as places are limited and expected to fill up fast.

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