BREAKING NEWS: work action INSIDE Disneyland Paris

Our team member on-site just provided us with an update on the strike action of cast members at Disneyland Paris under the leadership of the unions CFDT, FO, UNSA and CFTC. Earlier the impact seemed to be limited to a small number of cast members demonstrating in front of the RER / TGV train station – see our coverage from earlier today also including details on the demands of the unions.

However, at 2:30 pm the cast members escalated their actions…

Equipped with union flags and whistle the striking cast members walked down the Main Street in a noisy “parade” of the unwanted kind disturbing guests along the way. However, members of the resort’s security as well as managers of various departments are out in force to keep the scene as orderly as possible and inform guests about what is going on (certainly only if a guest approaches them and asks). While thegroupwas on the Main Street guests were guided away from the demonstrating cast members by directing the guests toward the two arcades.

The demonstration then walked right through the castle into Fantasyland and turned around at the Carousel to return the same way it had come toward the Main Street. After milling around in the area the demonstration did not leave the park (as had been expected). Instead the group turned into Discoveryland around 3:00 pm where the noisy demonstration currently continues as our team member on-site reports.

He also noted that the Studio Tram Tour at the Walt Disney Studios Park is closed today despite not being listed on the official list of attraction closures. Therefore, it could be assumed (but is NOT confirmed) that this closure might be related to the strike. In this case this would be the so fare sole closure due to the strike that we have been able to note.

Three of the four unions involved in the current strike action (CFDT, CFTC and UNSA) already organized a strike on December 23rd 2009 in the resort which included noisy demonstrations in both parks and the cancellation of the “Once Upon a Time Parade” in the Disneyland Park (as covered in detail with photos and videos). That strike – according to the unions – did lead to an increase of the wages.



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  1. Mr k Arndt says:

    Hope its all concluded soon, so it doesnt effect so many families coming with the intentions of a holiday of a life time for them and the children.

  2. Tracey says:

    Hi can you please tell me if Disneyland Paris are doing anything special than the normal for valentines day, as I am thinking of bringing my little girl for a few days any information would be grateful before I spend a fortune and book our 15th visit but never been for valentines. Would be staying at the disneyland hotel we just love it. Thankyou so much.

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