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Disneyland has started testing the new “Disney Dreams” Show, the show especially created for the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, inside the park. The test includes the show, that will be projected on the castle, and the new music. It’s not know if all show elements are already included in this first test phase, but one can expect if not all elements are there yet more and more to be added until the full show can take place.

Those test are taking place during afterhours with no general public in the park, but if you are staying at the Disneyland hotel the coming months you might see a little more of the magic before the premiere.

Especially those staying at the Castle Club level will be able to see a little early “Disney Dreams” magic. The show itself will be part of the new Disneyland Paris programme that will officially start as from April 1st. The night time show “Disney Dreams” will be filled with Disney characters that are being projected on the castle. But that’s only the beginning of what looks like an amazing display of Disney magic. There will be tons of other projections on the castle and on water screens in front of it. There will be water fountains and fire, an amazing new music score and a collection of other surprises.

Disney is starting to share some official information about the show via a new video they posted on the web. Here you’ll see the Imagineers, including Steven Davison (creator of Disneyland’s World of Color in Anaheim), whom worked on the show talking about what to expect. The video already shows some of the projections, including a scene with Peter Pan (what is rumoured to be the opening scene), pyrotechnics, fire effects, water fountains and even a short Mickey Mouse teaser. A very nice preview for those fans that can’t wait.

Also in the video is some information about the new “Disney Magic on Parade!” Disneyland Resort will get. The new floats include a Castle float, horse carriages with princesses and a fantastic looking final float celebrating the 20 years of Disney magic in Paris. There are also some pictures included in the video with the Disney characters and their new costumes they will wear during the festivities. They are very colourful and look like fun, especially Goofy’s green outfit can’t be missed.

Only a couple of months left before we can enjoy this amazing looking show for Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary celebration. Not to be missed! 

Picture capture from Disney Dreams; Copyrights Disney

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  1. It’s looks like this is the show not to mis in the park coming year!

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