Remy is Getting Ready to Cook

Ratatouille at the Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris is a fact. Disney has not announced the attractions yet but the news is out their because of a visible building permit that has been put in place last week on Euro Disney property. This permit has to be up, according French law, before building starts. So Disney can’t hide it anymore, even if they didn’t put any press release out yet, but with the permit up and building to start, expect something official soon. (Picture via: Disney Central Plaza). This news doesn’t come as a surprise, especially after the news of the new loan Euro Disney S.C.A. got secured to build the attraction.

So far we can expect a trackless vehicle system where vehicle will move almost freely inside the attraction. This technology is already used in Tokyo Disneyland’s Pooh’s Honey Hunt, so it’s no secret to Disney on how to use this technology in the best possible way. Other superb park rides already using a similar system can be found in the fantastic Spider-Man attraction in Island of Adventures (Orlando). The possibilities of this system are endless and one can only imagine what the Imagineers will come up with for Ratatouille’s attraction in the Walt Disney Studios.

So far we’ve seen some amazing early artwork for the outside of the attraction building and the area around it. We will be in a mini Paris (just outside Paris) to enjoy the cooking arts of the rat Remy. While there is not much known from what is going to happen behind the facade, one can expect to see a lot of scenes from the movie. Especially scenes in and around the kitchen might become a big part of the Dark Ride experience. Together with 3D projections, including a big rumoured dome projection will make this the ride to look out for.

The permit also gives some extra information. The building permit is for a building of 17.8 meters high. This could mean that there will be either big sets or even movement on several levels. The new area that is being prepared for building will be 5719 square meters big. One more important note on the permit; it’s not accessible for the general public, but we hope to get some pictures from the works once the start. From behind the fence of course, away from the building site, until we can enter it and enjoy this new exclusive Disneyland Paris attraction. (We encourage everybody to take pictures of the works, but do not break any rules and only take pictures from a locations that is freely accessible by the public)

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