Disney Wants to Know…

…about you fans and therefore added an online Disneyland Paris survey to hear from you. The will ask all sort of questions, some of them that fans will be eager to talk about. They’ll ask about the merchandise they sell and what you think about it. How you feel about special events and they even ask you what you would like Disney to add for there big fan community or what would bring you back to the park even sooner as you originally planned (I picked new attraction on that, it worked every time so far). This is a great chance to tell them how you feel about Disneyland Resort Paris and your love for the mouse. Be critical! They ask you to be, but remember that this is a survey to bring us fans even closer to the mouse so do keep it nice and clean. Disney wants to listen to you, the fans, and they are proofing this with this fun and informative survey.

The survey will be online and active as from 24th November to 12th December. However it looks like they started a little early as the link already works. The survey is open to everybody as from the age of 16 and is heavily targeted to “real” Disney fans. Yes they want to hear from you Disney fanatics. Have a good read while you go through the survey as you might find some hints of things to come. If they survey is a success we might even see more interaction with fans and might see some special fan events coming our way.

You will also be able to answer one very important question! What Disney fan sites do you visit. We are right there among a fast collection of Disney dedicated fans with their site. So we would not only like you to take the Disneyland Paris Survey but we would be honored if you tick our box as sites you visit. Thank you! And now, enjoy the Disneyland Paris survey. (in English or French)

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