Sand Everywhere

We talked about it on the DLP news blog (Sand Sculptures Festival opens), showed it on the Mousekingdom Blog (opening Night, More Sand) and even gave away some prizes for it; the Sand Sculpture festival from Blankenberge in Belgium themed after Disneyland Paris. The Belgium edition is coming to a close this month but it has been a success story for the artists as well as for Disney. Disney is so impressed that they are thinking about bringing it to Disneyland Paris next year during the 20th celebration of the park, a perfect time to add this special event. The success in Belgium was gigantic with well over 200.000 visitors breaking every record from previous years. Taking this event to Paris would be an instant success for the park and Disney. The team of the Belgium event, Francis Vandendorpe and Alexander Deman, have been talking to Angela Bliss and Yves Boulanger from Disneyland Paris. The Talks are going very well and it looks like a green light for the project isn’t far away.

But that’s not all they have been talking about. Belgium had another Disney visitor, Craig Dezern, from the Florida parks, Walt Disney World. They are also interested in the event. More about this event on Mousekingdom Blog.

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  2. guruline says:

    We want more news!

    Why the blog is closed? The last news dates back to September 1!!!

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