Flashy Life Belts

It’s probably not the best idea to go swimming at Lake Disney. First of all it wouldn’t be that save and it “might be” frowned upon if you would decide to take a plunge. However, in case somebody would fall into the water, by accident or not, it’s a good idea to have some safety equipment in place.

Disney has added new Life belts all around the lake. The belts are added in easy to access spaces with an approximately 50 meters of distance between each other. When somebody would fall into the water and help is needed bystanders will be able to quickly get one of the belts and trow them towards the person in need until they either make it out of the water themselves or until help arrives.

One must admit that they are no eye candy. The bright colors are a little of an eyesore and don’t fit the theme of the Lake Disney area, but safety comes first. Let’s hope they’ll never have to be used and nobody falls into the cold water, but it’s still good to know that safety measures are in places in case of a mishap.


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