Rehabs fly into Discoveryland (UPDATED)

20110511-000926.jpgThe rehabs in preparation of next year’s 20th anniversary celebration have (finally) touched down in Discoveryland as well. Green construction fence has sprung up all around the Orbitron – the center piece of the large plaza in front of Space Mountain: Mission 2.¬†Orbitron is not only the alternative to Dumbo for a bit more adventurous guests (as it flies higher and turns much faster) but also adds kinetic energy to the front half of Discoveryland with its lgeaming and turning elements. However, guests will have to live without this effect and the attraction for quite a while. Currently the rehab is scheduled to last (at least) till the end of June. If the major rehabs of Orbitron in the past are any indicators the center piece of Orbitron, which still stretches high above the construction fence, can be expected to be taken down soon.

As a side note: surprisingly a themed construction notice has been put up on the construction fence for Orbitron, featuring the popular poster art as seen in the tunnels under the Main Street Station (and on the photo above by InsideDLParis).

Yesterday we said that the dismantling of the ride’s centerpiece could be expected soon … only shortly after the post was published InsideDLParis reported that overnight that exact dismantling process had started and first elements had been taken down overnight.

Photos by InsideDLParis

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