Magic Lamp with Special Effect (UPDATED!)

The Disney Magical Moment festival for 2011 brought several new photo locations to the Disneyland Park. One of two new locations added to Adventureland is located at the oter walls of the Adventureland Bazar toward the lagoon, right next to the small courtyard, which – in summer months – is used as outdoor seating for the Café Agrabah.

Here a new market stall has been set up in front of which the magical lamp from Disney’s Aladdin is placed atop a cushion. A great photo location. But there is more to this detailed photo location than one might think on first sight …

Guests willing to wait a bit will be treated to a special effect enhancing their photo: Aladdin’s magical lamp actually shoots out some smoke every now and then! Our photo on the right of it in action was taken on the past Easter weekend.

Unfortunately that is only, if the magic lamp is in place. It seems lately the Genie got a bit lazy looking for his home. As the photo on the left by InsideDLParis shows the lamp had disappeared by Friday, April 29. Since the smoke effect can be turned off easily one can only assume that the magic lamp was damaged. We can only hope it will return soon…

UPDATE: By Sunday, May 1st, the Genie must have woken up and sorted out his little problem, as the magic lamp is now back in it’s place and guests once again are able to get their photo taken with his home.

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  1. Marcie says:

    Is there anywhere you can buy or rent or borrow one of these? I am in charge of the prom and are in need of one. Thanks for your help. Marcie

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