Let’s meet at the Old Mill…


… to check the progress of another rehab project. As reported right after the Easter weekend the Old Mill building (housing a snack sales location and the long closed ferries wheel on its back) has gone into rehab as well. The vanes has already been taken down by then – and are still gone as can be seen in the latest photo by InsideDLParis. But there is some other progress visible across the green standard construction fences that blocks off not only the Old Mill itself but also the former queue area for the ferries wheel (now used as outdoor seating for the snack point and as smoking area for Fantasyland) and the walkway right in front of the structure plus surrounding planters:

Scaffolding has started to go up to allow painters to tackle the wooden facade of the mill’s main structure (any work on the lower buildings adjacent to the main part is hidden behind the construction walls). One can exepect the scaffolding to go even higher as it does not yet reach all the way up to the mill’s roof.

Photo by InsideDLParis

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