From a Toad to a Hatter


Time for a look at the other big rehab going on in Fantasyland besides the one of the exterior of the Old Mill. This time InsideDLParis provides us with a look over the green construction fence that blocks of the wide area in front of the Toad Hall Restaurant (still open, accessible via a small walkway leading up onto its terrace next to Peter Pan’s Flight) and the Fantasy Festival Stage / Fantasyland Station (also still open). As can be seen the original floor has been taken out and new stones will be laid down very soon. To the right of the photo the new pavement stones have already been laid.

20110511-001154.jpgUnfortunately a third, unplanned refurbishment has sprung up in Fantasyland as well: today the Unbirthday Party tee table decoration that had been set up at the photo location in front of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth was gone. While the throne (here since 1992) and Mad Hatter’s seat (complete with the hat, both installed only this year for Disney’s Magical Moments Festival) remained, the table with its crazy decorations for the Unbirthday Tea Party is gone. If past experience with Aladdin’s Magical Lamp at another new photo location created for the festival is any indicator most probably the table respectively the decorations on it did not withstand the wear and tear imposed by some guests…

Photos by InsideDLParis

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