Recharge now – at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge

Need to recharge during the first half of the day when the bar at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge is still closed? No problem – for a while already a coffee vending machine is helping with that (for EUR 2 per hot drink). However, if it’s not you but your mobile phone or iPod that needs recharging … well a coffee machine is not going to be much help. Things get even worse if the charger / power adapter has gone missing or has been forgotten at home.

A couple of years ago a re-charging station for selected mobile phone brands had been set up at one of the counters in the Disneyland Hotel. But as DLRPStuff reported on twitter an all new charging system has been set-up in the lobby of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge most recently.

The resort this time went with a system called ChargeBox that offers six separate lockable compartments in which users can place their mobile phone or other mobile device for recharging against a fee. The brands on the compartments’ doors reference the following brands respectively their products to be supported: Apple (iPhone & iPod), RIM (Blackberry), Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG. However, the company behind the ChargeBox even states that each compartment contains “four charger types, covering over 95% of mobile phones, iPods, games consoles and some digital cameras“.

Use of the system is rather simple – to quote once again the official website: “You simply select the appropriate locker for your device, plug it in, pay (coins or SMS), confirm it’s charging then lock the door. Then you can go have a coffee and come back when it’s charged up!


Thanks to DLRPStuff for providing this news and the photo of the ChargeBox – don’t forget to check-out his twitter account!

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