Castle Rehab – a progress report

The castle rehab project is gathering up speed … faster and faster. Take a look at the photos accompanying this report. They were taken last weekend and still show all of the tarps up on the front facade of the castle. As of yesterday, Thursday April 28, 2011, these tarps have started coming down on the front facade of the main part of the castle.

Already gone by yesterday evening was the tarp surrounding the facade around the actual gate into the castle. I.e. we are talking about the printed on tarps as seen in the photo on the right, not the white tarps covering the arcade leading from the main body of the castle to the right (behind the Castle Stage). Also visible again was the waterfall to the left of the castle, which received a rehab as well (but certainly was still turned off as the scaffolding was still in place.

While the scaffolding was still up after the tarps came down, expect the scaffolding to follow soon. Also the entrance walkway from Central Plaza to the Dragon’s cave under the castle has been blocked with a green construction wall to park a large crane behind that is used in the current phase of the construction.

However, the tarps on the front facade weren’t the only things that came down. Also down is the golden / blue color on selected roofs of the castle’s turrets. As of Wednesday the complete roof of the highest turret was all white as it was prepped to receive its new paint job.

To see photos of the latest progress, including the revealed, rehabed waterfalls, the tarps taken down and the turret’s white roof check out the tweets by InsideDLParis (Matthew Burggraeve) or head straight to his twitpic account!

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  1. The fake facade has come down already.

  2. Dirk says:

    Thanks Glstitch for your reply – that is what we referred to in the final paragraph. We just published some according photos courtesy of InsideDLParis in our latest CRPR at

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