Location Sticker on Mickey’s Travel Trunk

In the Magic kingdom at Walt Disney World at Florida a new Meet and greet experience with Mickey Mouse has just opened it’s doors. The new location is replacing the old Toon Town location where guest could go and visit Mickey in his own little house. With the new Fantasyland opening in the near future and Toon Town disappearing in the process, Mickey needed a new place. From now on Guests of the Magic Kingdom can visit the mouse in the Town Square Theater at the front of Main Street. Once you enter the park you’ll be able to see the theater at the right hand side.

So what is the connection with Paris?

Well, before you will be greeted by Mickey you will have to enter a queue area. This queue area has a lot of fun decorations and interactive games. The Imagineers always show some fun stuff in the queue area’s. One of these fun things are some travel trunks in the new queue at the Theater. On these travel trunks Mickey has collected a whole bunch of stickers from his many trips around the world. You’ll be able to see stickers from the Hollywood Honk Hong Hotel, Disney’s private island Castaway Bay, Florida’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Tokyo’s Mira Costa hotel and even the private Club 33 from the Disneyland Park in Anaheim.

Another sticker on the trunk is from Paris. The full text on the sticker reads C’EST MAGNIFIQUE! MARNE-LA-VALLÉE PARIS. While it is fun to see Paris being added to the queue area in a Walt Disney World attraction it is a shame the sticker is not more related to the park or one of the hotel resorts. It only shows the location of the park, but no special design of the Paris park or hotel is added to the sticker. The stickers has a red background with yellow letters.

Picture copyrights WDW News Today Podcast. A big version of the picture of the sticker can be found on the WDW News Today Podcast blog. Visit their blog to see more on Mickey the Magnificent meet and greet experience as well as the new Princesses greet and meet in the same building.

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