The Earl’s Panorama View

Already prior to Christmas the concrete walls on the back of the future Earl of Sandwich restaurant in the Disney Village went vertical. Now the framework for the restaurant’s floors, the actual upper floors and the roof have been put in place as well. In addition the metall structure for the characteristic turret at the rounded front corner has been put in place. Currently the metall beams are in the process of being covered with special flame retardant foam coating.

Also the panorma glass windows that cover the complete facade of the restaurant facing toward the Lake Disney are already being installed into the framework, starting at the round corner / turret element. As can be seen in the photos these windows stretch from the floor to the ceiling and will allow guests in particular on the restaurant’s top floor a great view onto Lake Disney with Disney’s Sequoia Lodge in the background and the Panoramagique balloon in the foreground.

With the installation of the windows progressing from the rounded corner to the side of the building facing the small side arm of the lake (and the former Crescend’O tent now the Disney Village Dome) guests walking along the shores of the lake aready get a good impression of the future look of the facade that will function as the “business card” for the Disney Village for guests of the Disney Hotels.

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