Good Morning Main Street, U.S.A.

As the upcoming Disney Magical Moments Festival is prepared the popular Disney Character Express has been retired already as it will be transformed into the new experience of the “Disney Dance Express” (click here for a video of a complete preview performance). However, as the meet’n’greets with the Disney Characters on Central Plaza are always very popular a temporary replacement is now filling the gap between the Disney Character Express and the Disney Dance Express: the Disney Character Calvacade!

The Disney Character Calvacade consists of the various Main Street cars loaded with Disney characters driving down the main Street to Central Plaza with more characters walking between the cars followed by extensive character meet’n’greets on Central Plaza. As musical score for the calvacade the “Good Morning Main Street” tune has been brought back that underscored a very similar calvacade in the park’s early years.

Different from the Disney Character Express the temporary Disney Character Calvacade is not listed in the entertainment schedule – so inquire with one of the cast members at City Hall if you want to make sure that you don’t miss the calvacade which is normally scheduled about three times during the morning.

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