Disney & Co front door closed

As rumored late last year the boutique “Disney & Co.” on the Main Street, U.S.A. is currently undergoing a rehab. To allow continuing operation of the shop the rehab seems to have been separated into two sections. Currently the front half of the shop is closed off for its rehab. Therefore, the main entrance from the Main Street is closed.

Access to the remainder of the shop is possible either from the Liberty Arcade (i.e. from its back) or through Lilly’s Boutique next door. The latter option is also indicated on a sign posted on the front door of “Disney & Co.”. Once inside the shop guests will notice the construction / rehab in progress easily – despite the attempt to blend in the construction walls blocking off the access to the front half of the shop. Also the floor is an obvious hint.

 Interestingly the organ still stands as the shops center piece at this time. Rumors last year already indicated and have now been confirmed that it will have to go in the course of the current rehab – so better take another close look now before it is really too late. Once taken 0ut of its current location the organ is supposed to be shipped to Walt Disney World where it will find a new home in the Fantasyland expansion area. Let’s just hope that we will get something equally nice back…

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