Construction at both ends

From the construction at one end of the Disney Village (the future Earl of Sandwich restaurant facing toward Lake Disney) we are heading straight to the other end of the Disney Village to take a look at the construction for the building that will become the new “face” that shall attract regular day-time guests to head into the Village after a day in the parks. However, the construction in front of the huge Gaumont multiplex cinema structure has not yet as far progressed as the Earl of Sandwich…

After the preparation of the ground late last year now the first molds / formwork for the back walls of the future structure toward the Gaumont building have been errected. The concrete should be poured into these molds rather sooner than later. It is interesting to note that the back walls of the new building are not constructed back to back with the Gaumont walls but leaving a small corridor open.

Different from the Earl of Sandwich Restaurant the construction fences around the site are plain without any indication what is going to be constructed here. However, it is widely known among fans that the building under construction will house the new “World of Disney” store.

It will be interesting to see what the management’s plans are for the current “Disney Store” which occupies the largest space of any shop in the Disney Village since 1992 and will become – as far as the theme and merchandise selection goes – redundant once the World of Disney store opens. After all the Disney Village already has significant unused space in the former Hurricane’s Night Club (upstairs above the Rainforest Cafe) as well as the Disney Village Dome (the former Crescend’O tent) which – while now being administered by the special events / convention team – is rarely used anymore. However, while the latter structures due to their locations are not noticed by many guests as sitting empty the curent Disney Store’s prominent location means that a replacement needs to be put in place without delay once the Disney Store would close in favor of the World of Disney Store – even so considering the current state of construction this will take a bit longer, still.

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