Alternate Parade Route

As reported earlier the ongoing re-paving of the parade route in Fantasyland still forces the parade to operate in a unique, limited mode as introduced earlier this year in January when the re-paving project started next to Central Plaza. The parade enters the park on Town Square, moves up the Main Street, circles around Central Plaza and then heads back the Main Street to exit once again on Town Square.

This requires the Once Upon a Dream parade to be short enough to allow the final parade float and dancers to enter Central Plaza before the first float / dancer has circled Central Plaza and heads back onto the Main Street. This required some shortening – in particular the massive float of the Princesses for the final “Dream of Romance” act of the parade had to be cut. Only the smaller princess float of Jasmine and Aladdin remained in the parade, while the other princesses and their princes have to walk along. The shortened parade route certainly also limits the available viewing space for guests. So we strongly recommened (particularly on the more busy weekends) that¬†guests stake out their viewing spots a bit earlier than usual. However, as a compensation they are treated to two parade performances if they stand on the Main Street or Town Square – a fact that is also mentioned in the current entertainment program as well as on special signs set up on the Main Street. In addition a multi-language announcement is made along the parade route once the parade has passed the sections for the first time.

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