MORE New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Want to ring in 2011 with a Disney fireworks display – but without braving the crowds at Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Studios?

A new option has just been added for you at Disneyland Paris! And it is even free of charge!! After the huge success of the Guy Fawkes fireworks display on Lake Disney this fall the resort has added a New Year’s Fireworks display at Lake Disney. As we are typing this (noon, December 30) banners advertising the display are added to the lampposts around the lake. In addition flyers also indicating the best viewing areas (in front of Disney’s Hotel New York, Sequoia Losge and Newport Bay Club) are advertising it. Amongst others one flyer has been placed in each hotel room.

Improving from the Guy Fawkes fireworks the loudspeakers for the soundtrack are no longer placed on floating structures on the lake itself but on towers currently going up. So far one had been placed
next to the giant tethered balloon and a major structure (as well as the control booth) right in front of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge.

Prior to the fireworks the Disney Village promises entertainment as of 7 pm and a disco concert / party starts at 10:30 at Billy Bob’s. After the fireworks the hotel bars remain open till 2 am for some
more fun as well.

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