Just another brick… – or Tetris-Mickey?

Someone out there who would not recognize the silhouette of Mickey head the second he sees it?
No one?
That’s what you believe!
But it looks like Disneyland Paris wants to give all Mickey-Fans a new challenge by releasing a new merchandising collection for the Mouse everything started with, with a kind of different silhouette.

The new collection of clothes with Mickeys redesigned silhouette can be found in shops throughout the Resort. One may it call Digital-Style, for someone else it looks a bit like the all-time classic Computer Game Tetris or just like Mickeys head build with Lego-bricks.
The clothes with the new Signet are designed in a way, that looks like a revival of some style that was well-known throughout the 80s and which back then was a symbol for the upcoming digital era.

So maybe the new designs can be seen in a line with Disneys new gained appetite for this era which began with the sequel for the Disney Classic Tron (originally released in 1982), that is scheduled to be released on December 17, 2010 in the USA.

Besides this extensive new collection of clothes with Mickeys digital-brick-style-80s-head-silhouette as signet, there is also one for Mickeys good old partner & friend Goofy but with the difference that it does not only show a silhouette but more a brick-style version of the whole character.

Lets all hope that the good old-fashioned Mickey-silhouette will not someday be replaced by this new version – as I would prefer the children in the future to still answer my initial question with “No”!

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