Christmas Snowglobes

At Disneyland Paris guest have the chance to buy some of the nicest snowglobes out there. They show beautiful representations of Disney Classic, Pixar movies or scenes from the parks. These globes are a great addition to any Disney fan and collector and are always something nice to take home from a Disneyland holiday.

Disney is also using the same globe theme in some of it’s Christmas decoration. Especially extra decoration in front of shops. 

You can find multiple of these over sized snowglobes around the resort, all of them showing a Disney or Pixar character in a snowy Christmas setting. You can find globes with Mickey Mouse, Minnie, The princesses or characters from Stitch enjoying a white Christmas.

These over sized snowglobes can be found in front of shops like the Emporium in the Disneyland Park, the Walt Disney Studios Store in the Studios, the front of the Disneyland Hotel Gallery Mickey store and in front of the stores in the Disney Village. Each of the globes carrying a Disney or Pixar character and inviting guest to come in and find some nice Christmas decorations to buy and take home.

These globes are already nice to look at during the days, but once it gets dark they light up and look even more fantastic. A nice feature and little gem that makes this Christmas season at Disneyland Park just that little more special.

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