Christmas at Hotel New York

Sophisticated and stylish is something we expect from Disney’s Hotel New York and it translate very well in the Christmas decorations too. Nothing over the top, but just nice and simple Christmas decorations can be found in the main hall from this beautiful hotel.

Once guests enter the lobby they are drawn towards the beautiful tree at the rear of the hall leading toward Lake Disney.

The tall trees make the Hotel New York a very nice place to meet and enjoy some first Christmas magic before going towards the parks. More, but smaller, trees can be found in and around the main hall. It doesn’t matter if you go to the right hall or to the left, both side continue with the nice and simple Christmas decorations. The decorations’ main theme is set with silver and red bows, gift packets in the same colors and Christmas balls.

The decorations continue straight into the restaurant area where more trees can be found. A nice place to start your Disney day, enjoying some breakfast right next to a nice big Christmas tree.

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