Christmas at Hotel Cheyenne

Christmas decorations at the Cheyenne hotel have gone up and are keeping it in the cowboy theme. At the main entrance guest can already see some of the decorations that set the theme at the whole hotel. Green trees with woodworks and cowboy accessories like boots, lasso’s and woodwork and even shovels. All trees in and around the Cheyenne resort are decorated with these little fun items. The big tree can be found just inside the main building. Guest queue-ing to get their room keys will already have a first photo opportunity next to the big tree, making it a very warm and Christmassy welcome even before they can go and unpack. 

The hall of the main building is fully decorated with the same theme on the trees and ornaments. At the big fireplace there are also two big Christmas “boots” hanging, ready to be stuffed with little presents from Santa Claus. The theme continues all the way into the bar and the restaurant. Decorations are all around the ceilings and on the walls making the restaurant a warm and welcoming Christmassy place to have an early breakfast or the bar a nice cosy place for a late afternoon drink.

Guests walking to their Cowboy rooms will see some small decorations on the light posts and the walls of the guest buildings. Christmas has come to the Wild West, cowboy style!

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  1. Stacey-claire says:

    Wow, i’ll be here 5 weeks tomorrow, it looks so nice, i cant wait :D

  2. Steve says:

    This makes me miss our beloved Cheyenne even more – great photos, thanks for posting them.

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