This way to Toy Story Playland

For more than 2 years a giant billboard advertised the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to everyone heading toward the parks from the resort’s main daytime guest parking lot. Located right above the fence blocking off the future Disney Village expansion lot in front of the Disney Village parking structure the large billboard is perfectly located to be noted by all guests no matter whether they plan to head into the Disneyland Park or the Walt Disney Studios. In time for the opening of the Toy Story Playland the billboard finally was replaced and is now proudly touting the newest addition to the studios: Toy Story Playland. But that is not the only sign which got updates for Toy Story Playland…

Toy Story Playland also got added to the information board located next to the entrance into the Fantasia Gardens facing the plaza in front of the train station. To improve the impact of the addition the area’s logo was even used on the board which highlights selected attractions for both parks (even so the selection of attractions in particular for the Disneyland Park might be something to discuss…).

Furthermore inside the Walt Disney Studios Park the Toy Story Playland got added to at least some of the elegant metall road signs (inspired by the most famous road sign found on the original Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank). TSPL is now includedat least on the road sign at the top right of the Hollywood Boulevard next to the former Tram Tour FastPass machines as well as on a new road sign placed to the right of the walkway leading into Toy Story Playland behind Toon Plaza. However, not all road signs feature Toy Story Playland yet. For example the road sign located in one of the planters in front of Animagique did not get updated (but then that sign is rather unique anyway as it also points guests to the “Commissary”. “Commissary” is the typical name for a movie studio cafeteria but was enver used for any of the restaurants in the park. Also Toy Story Playland did not get added to the “In Production” road sign on Toon Plaza even so TSPL officially is considered part of the Toon Studio area of the park.

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