New at Toy Story Playland: FENCES!

A bit more than two weeks have gone by for the Toy Story Playland in regular operation and we can already report the next addition to it – unfortunately its fences. Next to the station building of RC Racer a set up had been installed in a special extension of the walkways featuring a smaller version of the RC Racer on a bit of red toy track. The unique twist there being, that the RC Racer was open on its left side (facing toward the rear of the land) so that guests could step seemingly into the car to get their photo taken as if onboard of it. By the end of last week temporary steel barriers with white plastic coverings had been errected around this RC Racer photo op blocking access to it while still allowing to take pictures over the barrier at least of the scene (even so not with anyone inside).

While it can be expected that the “interaction” between guests and the set-up is the reason for the make-shift barriers there was no visible damage to the props. On Monday several Imagineers and managers of the parks operational department where seen huddling around the fenced off RC Racer discussing potential long-term solutions to the rather ugly looking current barriers.

Unfortunately RC Racer isn’t the only one who got fenced it. The second victim is the plastic jeep and the Toy Soldier next to him in the queue-line for the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. This huge prop is placed in the middle of the outdoor waiting area. The line winding around it had from day one on been separated by the same green metal railing that also separates it from the planters around the area as well as the lanes of the line of each other. However, guests did not seem willing to understand the message that comes with such railing – don’t climb over it – and guests were frequently seen getting over the railing to climb into the jeep for a photo. The result: a towering metal fence (as known from construction sites outside the resort) has been painted in a light green (constrasting with the dark green of the railing) and placed around the jeep scene.

Interestingly Rex remaines fence-less and can still be accessed by guests easily for close-up photos. This comes as a surprise as in the past week the cover element for the speaker hidden in the lower section of the giant Rex in Toy Story Playland had been broken. However, by the end of the week it had been temporarily repaired. Luckily the damages area is part of the underbelly facing straight down to the ground so won’t show up on photos and is only visible to guests sticking their head right under Rex and looking straight up.

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