Let’s go fishing – or: Do-it-yourself-meals at Disneyland Paris

As we reported repeatedly Disneyland Paris continues to diversify the range of food offered throughout the resort. On could wonder whether this policy might have been combined with a “future” project from the resort’s past – the Nature Villages. Nothing much has been said or rumored regarding those most recently. But original plans called for them to be build next to the Davy Crockett Ranch (which at a time was considered to become a part of them). They were supposed to offer the guests a possibility to experience several “attractions” in and about nature.
But back to today … The lakes and streams around Adventure Isle are no longer just decorative water ways but are (most probably unplanned)now serving an addition use – as Fish Ponds. Rumors are that soon you will be able to rent your own fishing rod in the nearby restaurants and have a relaxing time fishing around Adventure Isle while other guests are standing in queue-lines or are enjoying a thrilling roller coaster. According to the rumors once you have fished successfully you will be allowed to bring your catch to the restaurant where you rented your rod and get your fish cooked there to perfection.

If this new “attraction” should become a success there might even be further plans. There are rumors that EuroDisney S.C.A. is already talking to cattlemen  in Amerika in order to import Bisons to Frontierland, where they should run free, to offer a greater variety of do-it-yourself-meals for those avid hunters…

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  1. Mooney says:

    The fishing idea is all very nice, relaxing, that sort of thing, but the bison idea doesn’t sound very ‘magical’ to me…! Last thing you want to hear at a Disney park is an animal getting shot. :P

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