Toy Story Playland – Extra Opening Hours (UPDATED)

Seen the photos of our still on-going series of a walk through Toy Story Playland? Can’t wait to go and see the newest addition to the Walt Disney Studios for yourself? Then here is the latest rundown of confirmed and rumored information regarding when you might have a chance to enjoy the rides before as well as after the official opening on August 17! 

If you are a castmember you might be lucky on August 11 – at least that was the date spread on facebook for a cast member preview as reported earlier (while some sources also mentioned August 12). However, some lucky guests might stand a chance earlier, to be exact between August 6 (coming Friday) and August 10 (Tuesday next week). According to a post by user meeko120103 on the Mousekingdom boards soft openings lasting between an hour and two per day have been scheduled for this period. However, it should be noted these soft openings are not confirmed and the resort will not confirm them, even if they are planned. Afterall these soft openings are part of the adjustment and test period as until August 10 the Toy Story Playland is still under control of Imagineering. Hence there is also no sure way to get into the soft openings, instead only those guests who are in the right spot at the right time will stand a chance.

However, at least for holders of the Annual Passport Dream there are already confirmed previews / soft openings. Each holder of an AP Dream can register himself and up to two guests (who still need to hold a valid passport / ticket to enter the Walt Disney Studios) for one of six soft opening / preview sessions: August 14, 15 or 16, each day 10.30 am till 2.00 pm or 2.00 pm toll 5:30 pm. However, spaces are strictly limited, so you better register early to make sure you are assigned a space (further information and the registration form can be found on the “bons plans” page in the AP only section of the official website).

As the number of guests that will be able to enjoy the land and its attractions prior to the official opening is strictly limited and interest among fans is expected to be rather high the resort has already decided to extend the park opening hours on the two remaining Saturdays of the summer season, August 21 and 28. Afterall the resort expects especially large crowds due to locals coming in especially for the new land on these two days. Instead of the regular closing time of 7.00 pm the Studios will stay open till 9.00 pm on these two days. This should also give guests a chance to see the area illuminated for the first time.

In his before mentioned post on the Mousekingdom boards user meeko120103 also mentions that the resort plans to open Toy Story Playland daily from August 17 till September 17 at 8.30 (90 minutes prior to the general opening of the Walt Disney Studios) as Extra Magic Hours. This would be the first ever Extra Magic Hours conducted in the Walt Disney Studios. Regularly Extra Magic Hours are offered at the Disneyland Park for guests of the Disney Hotels and of the Hotel L’Elysée as well as for holders of an AP Dream. Adding Extra Magic Hours at Toy Story Playland could be seen as a way to help these selected guests avoid the to be expected longer lines in the new land during regular park opening hours. As welcome as this would be it should be noted that the resort so far has not confirmed these Extra Magic Hours.

Update: the resort is opening Toy Story Playland daily from August 25 till September 17, 2010 from 8:30 till 9:30 am – however, not as part of the regular Extra Magic Hours but as an exclusive event only(!) for holders of the Annual Passports of the resort. However, each AP holder can take along two guests (who need valid tickets for the studios) – check out all details in our new post!

Finally the Shareholders’ Club has also announced a special event to allow its members exclusive access to the Toy Story Playland and its attraction. As reported it is scheduled for September 3 – so well after the opening. However, those members (and their guests) who sign up in time will not only be treated to the opportunity to enjoy the new land and it’s attractions from 8.30 pm till 11:30 pm but also further highlights of the studios, including the ever popular Crush’s Coaster! Plus: they also have one of the rare opportunities to see Toy Story Playland illuminated which promises to be a special treat as well.
To sum it all up:

  • August 6 – 10: 1 to 2 hours limited soft openings for guests (unconfirmed)
  • August 11: cast member preview (no public confirmation)
  • August 12: cast member preview (no public confirmation)
  • August 14 – 16: AP Dream previews (confirmed; prior registration required)
  • August 17: official opening (confirmed)
  • as of August 17: regular operation during park opening hours
  • August 17 – September 17: Extra Magic Hours (exclusive opening daily from 8:30 till 9:30 am for AP holders (plus two guests) before public park operation (unconfirmed)
  • August 21 & 28: WDS park operating hours extended by two hours till 9.00 pm (confirmed)
  • September 3: Toy Story Playland party for members of the Shareholders’ Club (confirmed; prior registration required)

4 Responses to “Toy Story Playland – Extra Opening Hours (UPDATED)”

  1. jack says:

    August 17 – September 17: Extra Magic Hours (for AP Dream holders, Disney Hotel guests and guests of the Hotel L’Elysée) each morning before public park operation

    –> Hello. Do you know if it is confirmed or not because i’m very interested in the EMH ?

  2. Dirk says:

    Hi jack – thanks for stopping by!

    Unfortunately we have not received any confirmation for the above mentioned Extra Magic Hours (EMH) so far. In other words: it is still a rumor. Once we hear anything new you can be sure we will update you and all other readers of the blog.

    In any case: have a magical trip to Disneyland Paris … and let us know if there are any news to report from your visit ;-)

  3. Jack says:

    Disney confirmed that Walt Disney Studious Park will open from 8.30 to 10.00 from August 25 for the AP holders. But the said NOTHING about Disney Hotel guests. Will the park open from 8.30 for the Disney Hotels guests?

  4. Dirk says:

    Hi Jack – the information for AP holders claims that Toy Story Playland is open exclusively for AP holders so at this time it (unfortunately for your) looks as if Disney Hotel guests will not be allowed into the area prior to the official start of the operation day of the park.

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