Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop OPEN!

Friday, 6 pm, Toy Story Playland, Walt Disney Studios Paris – the toy soldiers are parachuting into Toy Story Playland! To be exact: cast member of the park’s other attractions, restaurants and shops are called in to test their abilities as toy solider parachute jumpers respectively to test the new attraction. All six parachutes on the drop tower do rise and fall simultaneously by the way.

Until the park closed guests in the Toon Studios and on Hollywood Boulevard could witness about 7 or 8 ride cycles, but – unfortunately – were not allowed to volunteer as toy soldiers. However, based on the visible reactions of the cast members the ride seems to be offering fun without being to thrilling as they even found time to wave to the guests looking up to them from the other side of the construction fence.

Thanks to Steffi for the photo!

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