Meet REX

For this part of our walk through the Toy Story Playland we continue where we finished our look at the RC Racer yesterday. Instead of heading straight back toward the main entrance of the land where we started our tour on Monday we turn left and follow the main walkway further into Toy Story Playland. Just this time we pass by entrance to RC Racer on the left as well as the Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin (which we visited in the part of this series published on Wednesday) on the right. Just a few meter further down the walkway under the tree, right next to the Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin Rex, the fearful dinosaur awaits guests…

Rex stands on the side of the main walkway allowing guests to get close up and even under his impressively large body to take a souvenir photo. In fact a regular sized adult can stand right under his head despite rex being in a position leaning forward and a bit down toward the guests. Just don’t make him jump by scaring him!

As Buzz Lightyear at the entrance and Sarge on the guard tower of Fort Emery Rex is a stationary character – so no movement. However, just as the two before mentioned characters he does speak to the guests in English and French using the original voice talent from the Toy Story movies Wallace Shawn (in English). Imagineering has come up with a large selection of short lines that Rex will utter. But then not all remarks are directed at the guests … because he is the surprise conversation partner for Slinky Dog we mentioned in our post on Tuesday. Amongst others he is pushing Slinky Dog along to keep chasing after his tail in faster and faster with short remarks.

Come back later today when we continue the main walkway further down into the woods in the next installment of our series…

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