Making a Sandwich

The new Earl of Sandwich at the Disney Village in Disneyland Paris is ready for the next stage. Hidden behind the fence part of the water feature has been sealed of and new ground has filled the hole. The base for the new building next to the Rainforest Cafe is now ready for the next phase. Guests going to the parks or Village can only take the path next to Mickey’s Cafe, leading right into the village. The bridge that got you behind the Rainforest Cafe and towards the Magic M (Better known as McDonald’s) remains completely closed for everybody. Still a long way to go before the official opening in 2011.

If you can’t wait this long, you can already have a look what to expect on the menu by visiting the Earl of Sandwich website. The lucky Disney fans and guests visiting the parks in Orlando can also go and visit the Downtown Disney Earl of Sandwich restaurant and try it out before the new eatery opens in the Disney Village in Paris.

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