Keep Your Treasures Save…

… Get yourself a Treasure Chest!

In the past you had to go all the way to the shop, “Le Coffre Du Capitain” in Adventureland. This shop, located at the exit of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and next to the entrance of the Blue Lagoon restaurant used to be the place to find your treasure trunks. Many young boys have been dreaming away from a pirates life while wandering this shop and many of them holding, wanting or buying one of the treasure chests.

For those not finding the shop, or to give guests another chance to get their chest, there is a new location that is selling the treasure chest. While the Disney Store in the Village already soled a lot of pirate items, the chests have now been added to their inventory too. Another place to buy a treasure chest to keep all you Disney finds save once you return home… 

The treasure chests are made out of wood and are priced 14,90 Euro for the bigger once and 12 Euro for the smaller once.

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