Gusteau in a Box – but Remy in freedom

One of the biggest surprises that came with the Toy Story Playland was the Parisian Street located right next to it, functioning as a side entrance to the new area of the Walt Disney Studios. Why it was the maybe biggest surprise? Not just because of its existence (that wasn’t mentioned in advance)¬†but because of¬†Gusteau looking down on the guests from high atop the archway over the entrance leading from the lower end of the street into Toy Story Playland.

As covered in detail this detail could be seen as a hint toward the next big attraction that might come to the Studios … a Ratatouille dark ride that has been widely rumored already (for details check out our detailed photo coverage of the Parisian Street). However, when the Annual Passport previews of the Toy Story Playland began last Saturday Gusteau was … gone!

Where it could be seen only days earlier now a big fake-rock box covers the spot, clearly built around the intricate stone work. In fact some of the purely decorative elements can still be seen peeking out from under the box. The reason? Well, it seems logical that the resort does not yet want to give any hints about its upcoming plans for the park’s expansion. In fact there seems to be an official line already in case guests ask what all the land preparation next to the Parisian Street is for … “apparently” it is supposed to be for a new backstage parking lot …

However, there is also a second line of reasoning rumored: Gusteau (at least as seen on the archway) supposedly looks familiar to a French politician and to avoid any possible questions is supposed to remain hidden until a Ratatouille attraction right next to it makes a clear statement that it is Gusteau (and not the French politican in question) on the archway.

If the new cover for Gusteau is due to any secrecy demands of management, though, it might only be partially successful … afterall a closer look at the benches along the street reveals another small detail that hints toward the rumored Ratatouille ride: images of Remy, the movie’s star!

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