From the world of toys to Paris …

… with just a couple of steps! Where? Just at the Walt Disney Studios Paris! At the end of our photo tour through the new Toy Story Playland yesterday we stood at the far back end of the area in front of the huge blue plastic Barrel of Monkeys that functioned at the exit / entrance of the land at its back – and wondered where we might end up if we walked through the tunnel / barrel. And here is the answer: on a Parisian street!

Once guests step out of the tunnel / barrel they find themselfes on a cobble stone street, that leads straight back all the way along the side of the Toy Story Playland to the little plaza in front of its main entrance with the Buzz Lightyear statue (which we examined in detail in the first part of our series). The street has a differently floored sidewalk, however without a height different for the curb. This sidewalk features a long row of double benches with intricate iron work between beautiful young trees.

The bamboo blocking off the view into Toy Story Playland (respectively the sight lines from inside the land to this Parisian street) is partially hidden by various shrubs more at home at a Parisian park behind a small wall with once again detailed iron fences. At night the street will be illuminated by beautiful street lights alsom placed along the sidewalk. The overall impression is just like on an upscale street in Paris with a large park on the right side.

However, at the time of our visit a week ago blue construction walls were still lining the full length on the left side of the street, where the walls of the costume building for the whole resorts with their industry style are not really fitting the theme of the Parisian street. It needs to be awaited how Imagineering is going to transform this sight until the official opening of the area.

At the end of the street (or well: bottom since the street goes uphill all the way from the tunnel / barrel to the entrance plaza of Toy Story Playland to compensate the height difference between the front and the back of the land) currently a gate is under construction to block access to the backstage area for guests. Speaking of the backstage are next to the Parisian street: the whole area between the end of the street and the former Pearl Harbor air plane hangar at the far end of the costume building (where it was part of the original Backlot Tram Tour sights) has been cleared and leveled, creating a huge area for future development.

Wondering what kind of development? Well, strong rumors reported by as well as many other dedicated websites and discussed to length by fans indicate that the resort is preparing to build a huge dark ride (according to the rumors featuring a trackless ride system similar to the Winnie the Pooh dar ride at Tokyo Disneyland and not used in any other Disney park so far) in this area (and maybe also a shop and / or restaurant) to open as part of the resort’s 20th respectively the park’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The rumored theme of the dark ride / area: the Disney Pixar hit movie Ratatouille which takes place in Paris.

Keeping that in mind it is rather interesting to take another look at the Barrel of Monkeys tunnel leading into Toy Story Playland at the lower end of the Parisian street. Obviously a huge blue plastic barrel would be out of place here, so it is hidden behind lush vegetation and a stone facade / archway topped by … Guestau. Guesteau? Yes, Gusteau, the famous chef who played a ghostly but important part in Ratatouille…

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