Buzz is waiting…

… for YOU as he guards the entrance to the Toy Story Playland – he can’t wait to let you in on all the surprises of the latest area added to the Walt Disney Studios. However, the official opening is only on August 17 and even any potential, unconfirmed soft openings are still more than a week away. Afterall, Imagineering is still in control of the Toy Story Playland with the hand over to the operation team of the park only scheduled for August 10. Still, why wait so long? invites you to join us on a tour to discover Toy Story Playland – right now!

In the first part of our walk through Toy Story Playland we are not actually getting into the area yet but we are behind the dark blue construction walls closing the area off from the rest of the Walt Disney Studios already. As had been spotted over the top of these walls a giant, 4 meter high Buzz Lightyear stands in front of the entrance to the Toy Story Playland. Positioned on several colorful building blocks he stands high above the guests and towers over the entrance. In fact guests can walk not only around him but also under him to enter the area or to pose for a souvenir photo with him.

Buzz is not only the icon or weenie luring guests further through the Toon Studios to explore the Toy Story Playland but also serves a vital function for all the toys in the Toy Story Playland. According to the backstory the area guests can explore in the Toy Story Playland is actually the backyard of Andy, the owner of all the toys from Toy Story and Toy Story 2. He has brought them out to his backyard to play with them but now has been called back in by his mother. And as all the fans of the Toy Story movies know – once Andy and all other humans can’t see the toys anymore they come alive. Therefore Buzz has positioned himself at the entrance to look out and warn his friends in case Andy or any other human should come by – no need to be afraid so, since guests are shrunk to the size of toys here and do not count…

This backstory also explains why Buzz when adressing the guests entering the area is not only welcoming them but also asking them questions, e.g. whether they might have spotted Andy. And yes, Buzz talks. While he is no Audioanimatronic (so doesn’t move like e.g. in the queue of Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast) he has been prepared with a large number of short sentences which he uses to address guests in English and French – utilizing the original voice talent from the movies, i.e. Tim Allen in English!

Imagineering has made sure that there is a large number of short lines  for Buzz so that guests who might be in the vincinity of him for a bit longer normally will not hear the same line again. As the whole area Buzz Lightyear is undergoing testing right now so lucky guest may hear a line or two from him over the construction walls since the volume is rather loud to allow him to be heard once guests surround him later on.

As a special surprise for all guests who visit the area during the christmas season Imagineering has already prepared a selection of special holiday themed lines for Buzz that will allow him to add some extra special seasonal mood…

The next part of our walk will finally get us INTO the actual area – and yes, it will feature photos taken inside the area … so don’t forget to check back later today(!) to take a first look further down the paths leading behind the bamboo surrounding Toy Story Playland.

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