A Drink is All you’ll Get, Cowboy

If you wanted an early lunch at Cowboy Cookout Barbecue in Frontierland it will not be easy because all you will get before 11:30 is a drink! The restaurant will be open as from 10:30, but only for drinks. Hot food will only be server an hour later. This information can be found in front of the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue restaurant on a board written in crayon.

The opening hours in this restaurant have always been a little more restricted. Even when the park would stay open late, this restaurant would still close its doors very early. As from 17:00 you can’t get any hot food nor drinks anymore as the doors will be closed and will remain so until the next morning. A shame as it is a fun place, especially during evening times. However, with no food being served during the first hour, this might be a perfect day to grab a coffee and enjoy it in what probably will be a very quiet place until the hamburgers and fries start leaving the kitchen at 11:30.

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  1. Jack says:

    That’s very ugly. I think SQS will not like it.

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