Enchanted & Fantillusion are back

Saturday saw the official return of the Fantillusion parade to the streets of the Disneyland Park as well as the Enchanted fireworks to the skies above Sleeping Beauty Castle. The two nighttime spectaculars are once again presented nightly till August 29th as part of the summer magic at Disneyland Paris. As usual both offerings received some tweaking. In the case of the popular Enchanted fireworks returning for its third summer season the tweaking concerns the actual fireworks and is rather subtle. So let’s take a look at the latest changes to Fantillusion… 

Since its premier at Disneyland Paris the parade was opened by Tinkerbell walking (instead of rollerskating as in the original Tokyo version of the streetacular) in front of the grand opening float of Mickey – except on cold days. Considering the current warm temperatures guests were surprised to see her missing on Saturday.

The surprise grew when right behind Mickey’s float and the connected small float featuring the parade’s title Goofy, Plut and Chip’n’Chap were following on foot. Afterall they originally were placed in the next gazebo float behind closed curtains that opened only during the stops (unless on days the stops were canceled, when the curtains remained open along the full length of the parade route). So did they decide to cut out the gazebo? The answer is no!

The gazebo still remains in the parade, however, Tinkerbell has now made this her float. Also the curtains now remain open for the full duration of the parade. With this change not only is Tinkerbell better visible due to standing on the float but also Goofy, Pluto and Chip’n’Chap can finally be seen by every guest along the parade route and not only those lucky enough to stand in the right position during a show stop of the parade – thus increasing the Disney character element of the parade.

The next changes await guests in the parade’s second segment starring the Disney Villains: Maleficent has received a new / redone costume (the headpiece remained unchanged). Also the dancers between the villain’s floats received a major change. Originally they were clut in dark, long hooded coats giving them the look of rather uninteresting dark shadows while the parade moved down the parade route. Only once the parade stopped and the black light illuminating them was turned on they would drop their huge coats and reveal colorful costumes featuring designs with vibrantly in the dark light glowing flames (for Maleficent), snakes (for Jafar) respectively an octupus (for Ursula). While the effect of revealing these costumes worked great especially since the number of show stops has frequently been cut down to just 2 the majority of guests along the parade route missed out on the costumes and the dancers looked rather dull to them while passing by. In light of this the decision seems to have been made to drop the huge coats all together. Now the costumes can be seen in all their glory at the full length of the parade route (even so the dark light is only turned on during the show stops).

Overall it seems the resort tries to improve the experience for guests between the show stops by improving / adding to the visuals of the parade while moving down the parade route. Thankfully the Characters Photos Blog has filed a photo report from the season’s opening night performance of Fantillusion documenting the changes mentioned above – take a look! The site also mentions that another change may be made during the course of the summer season: new / improved costumes for the dancers in the final segment of the parade.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Loved this parade ,will it be in the christmas programme this year ,my special needs daughter absoulutly adores Tinkerbell and was made up to see her in this parade a few year ago ,was really really upset last year ,that Tinkerbell could not be found anywhere in dlrp ,fingers crossed for this year x

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