Cafe des Cascadeurs upgraded

The Cafe des Cascadeurs was always a popular location for a small snack in the WDS offering mostly hot dogs and nachos in particular among the more regular guests of the park. Sure it is hidden in a corner behind the back of Armageddon. But that location adds to its relaxed atmosphere, in particular during the summer months, when the restaurant’s terrace offers the opportunity to enjoy the fast food “al fresco”. Also the limited indoor and outdoor seating wouldn’t really be suited to the large amount of guests that a more central location would attract. But, the crowds are sure to grow now …

No, the restaurant wasn’t moved (even so that would theoretically be possible). Instead the menu received a major upgrade. Unnoticed by many guests (due to it’s location) Cafe des Cascadeurs has been turned into a full scale fast food table service location. With the new menu there is now a choice of several various burgers (plus sides), hot dogs, salads and desserts. The only table service restaurant in the Walt Disney Studios clearly upped its game with the new menu and is widening the choice for guests in the park.

As several months of operations with the new menue show the location has become even more popular – so if you want to test the new offerings expect lines on busy days and whenever the stunt show has just ended. Food quality wise the restaurant is aiming at the same segment as “Annette’s Diner” in the Disney Village, even so the later has a wider choice (but then requires guests to leave the park for their meal).

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