Toy Story Playland – a progress report

Time for another progress report from the construction site of the future Toy Story Playland in the Walt Disney Studios. In general views into the future mini-land are now greatly limited as high grown bamboo surrounds the area rather closely. Nevertheless there are some interesting insights in the best meaning of the word, visible from the guest-accessible areas inside the Walt Disney Studios …

Maybe the most obvious change is the entrance sign of the mini-land that is now visible from outside the construction fence. Walking from the Toon Studios toward the construction site on the connection path guests are heading straight onto the sign as this is also the location of the areas sole future entrance. The sign consists of several letter-cubes stacked on top of each other and spelling out “Playland” from the top to the bottom. On top of this rackety tower a yo-yo balances with a large “Toy Story” sticker on its wide side.

To the left of the entrance sign late last week the first lights were strung up. The lights resemble a light girlande as used for a garden party¬†featuring bulbs in various bright colors – certainly oversized as guests are supposed to haven been shrunken to toy size in this area. Guests who visited the “Bug’s Life” area in Disney’s California Adventure will recognize the lights for sure. According to reports first light tests were conducted late last week after the park had closed.

What other progress is worth reporting? The under/back-side of the track of the RC Racer has now been covered on both upward facing parts of the U-shape in bright orange to give it more of a “toy race track”-look. And then there is the Army Men Parachute Drop. The boarding / landing zone of the attraction is overlooked by an army control tower. Earlier in May something could be seen inside this tower in the look-out-position but due to cover sheets it was difficult to identify what exactly it was. Now the sheets are gone and a life-size green army men can be seen between the bamboo standing on the platform checking out the latest recruits (that is: once they are allowed in for their parachture drop ride). If you are in the park it is worth noting that there is only a very small area from which this detail can be seen until the area opens: the short connection from the Hollywood Boulevard, past the phone cell,¬†diagonal to the walkway that then leads along area’s construction fence.

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