New Photos from Toy Story Playland

Following yesterday’s report about the arrival of the giant statue of Buzz Lightyear at the front entrance to Toy Story Playland in the Walt Disney Studios we present now a series of four all new photos.

Guests are supposed to be able to walk around as well as under the statue of Buzz to enter into the new area. Also pre-opening word is that the statue, while not featuring any movement, is supposed to feature audio of some of the most famous lines of Buzz from the Toy Stories movies. However, none of the rumors and reports indicate which lines and which languages might have been chosen.
Not seen in these photos is another change involving Buzz and his fellow toys from the Toy Story movies: a new poster has been set up above the doors on the rear facade of Studio 1 (facing into the studios). The new poster advertises Toy Story 3 and has replaced the poster for the tv channel Disney XD that had been installed in the summer of 2009 to advertise the start / rebranding of Disney’s latest tv station targeting in particular boys.

Thanks to Andrea for providing these new photos.

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