Buzz Arrived at TSP … and more!

The Toy Story Playland in the Walt Disney Studios seems to race toward the finish line faster and faster. Only last week the entrance sign at the area’s main entrance was spotted over the construction fence and now already the giant Buzz Lightyear statue has been put in place! The French forum of Disney Magic Interactive is featuring what might very well be the very first photo of the statue – which more than just peeks over the construction fence but looks just as tall as the entrance sign, if not even a bit taller … check it out! However, that is not all the news from the Toy Story Playland …

In addition work has started on a second walkway leading along the other border of the Toy Story Playland on the far right, so between the new area and the current backstage area / the current costumeing building, to the far end of TSP where a second entrance to the area is supposed to be located. This “outside” walkway is receiving cobble stone pavement and is supposed to be themed as a Parisian street along the outskirts of a park. Why the themeing? It seems this is related to the frequently rumored “Ratatouille” dark-ride, which currently seems to be destined to open during the course of the fiscal year 2013 (so at earliest late fall 2012, more likely sometime in spring 2013) and is supposed to take over the current costumeing building be located in a new building to be errected bordering the costume building, right behind it, where the Tram Tour in the early years of the studios passed along the costume displays and then the windows for a view into the resort’s costume workshop. This new rumored attraction is supposed to come with a themed surrounding / mini-land (even including additional toilets currently missing in Toy Story Playland) of which the new walkway would be a first element (or one might say teaser).

But wait … there is even more news! WDSfans has gotten their hands on a scan of the internal cast member publication “News Reel” of Disneyland Paris featuring a two page article about Toy Story Playland. The article once again describes the attractions but also goes into details in regard to themeing elements to be found such as Andy’s giant foot prints in the walkways (as guests are shrinked to toys’s size) or a plastic jeep, a baby monitor and a balza wood plane (all three at respectively close to the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop) or the bowl of Buster (Andy’s dog) as centerpize for Slinky Dog ZizZag or a Barrel of Monkey’s building the entrance sign at the area’s entrance in the back from legters taken off a Scrabble game. However, the maybe most interesting news is hidden in the small print details next to a photo of the (in the meantime) rather well known model of the area. There it reads: “Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin twirls you ’round and ’round aboard Andy’s favorite toy dog. Guests can play a game made exclusively for the attraction on the inside of Slinky Dog’s packaging box as they wait in the queue.” This is the first mentioning of any “game” to entertain guests waiting for any of the attractions at Toy Story Playland. While guests in line for “Soarin'” at EPCOT (in Walt Disney World) are invited to play an interactive game involving projections and the queue lines for the new version of the Dumbo rides supposed to be part of the Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom are supposed to incorporate an interactive experience, Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin would be the first attraction in Disneyland Paris to feature a game to entertain guests while waiting. However, what kind of game … that is still a secret of Imagineering…

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  2. Lars says:

    The Ratatouille darkride is not taking over the Costume Building. They are buidling this new ride along side the Costume Building in front of the second entrance to Toy Story Playland, all the way back to the Dinotopia set from the Studio Tram Tour. See my article about the Ratatouille darkride for photos and more information (dutch):

  3. Dirk says:

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake Lars! Don’t know how that one got through.

  4. Lars says:

    You’re welcome, Dirk! Love your blog! Keep up the good work. ;-)

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