The New Generation Festival in Fantasia Gardens

The Fantasia Gardens in front of the Disneyland Hotel offers a pleasant relaxed atmosphere for a break during the day and certainly some of the quintessential photo opportunities for first time guests on their way into the Disneyland Park. As it is tradition for several years now the lampposts in the gardens have been adorned with new banners announcing this year’s festival – the New Generation Festival.

However, advertisement for the festival is not limited to the Fantasia Gardens. Already the wide archway over the entrance to the theme parks’ parking lot has been adorned with some New Generation Festival decoration and certainly according posters have been added to the covered walkway from the parking lot the the parks.

Also the entrance plaza and walkways leading up to the Walt Disney Studios park now also features the New Generation banners as shown above. In addition to these generic festival banners the walkway leading from Fantasia Gardens to the Studios’ entrance, where last year the now retired High School Musical show was advertised with a poster, now features a large poster announcing the arrival of Tiana to the romance segment of the Disneyland Parade. Interestingly the photo shows her part of the Princess float, the gazebo which she took over them Belle and the Beast as it looked prior to the small changes incorporated for Tiana. In the meantime the floor under the gazebo has been raised (to make her better visible) and the giant roses blooming red at the front of the float have been repainted in a soft yellow.

But back to the actual posters. Other posters used in the areas have also been replaced with newly designed versions tying into the New Generation Festival, such as the ubiques posters advertising the (cheap) upgrade from a one-day-passport to an Annual Passport Francilien – as seen here on the entrance plaza of the Walt Disney Studios.

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