More New Generation Festival Decorations

We have already talked about the rather subtle decorations for the New Generation Festival that have been carefully blended into the theme of the Main Street, U.S.A. However, not every decoration is that subtle. Case in point: the decorations set up at selected entrances of The Disney Store in the Disney Village, the Emporium on the Main Street in the Disneyland Park and the Studio Store in the Walt Disney Studios.

As seen in the photo above a multi layered archway with the New Generation Festival logo has been errected in fornt of the canopy leading the the central (middle) entry of the Studio Store on the Frontlot of the WDS. The same archway featuring flat cutouts of Stitch and two Aliens (from the Toy Story series) plus a three dimensional figurine of Slinky has also been errected in front of the middle entrance of The Studio Store in the Disney Village. However, there large 2D-cut-outs of selected stars of the festival such as Sully are placed to the sites of selected entrance doors.

Furthermore, the rear entrance from the Main Street leading into the Emporium has received a New Generation Festival decoration as well. Selected entrances of the Emporium in the past years always received similar treatments for past festivals (such as the 15th anniversary celebration or the “Mickey’s Party Time” festival, as well as selected seasons such as Christmas). However, the entrances of The Disney Store in the Village usually did not receive such extra plussing – neither has the entrance of the Studio Store in a long time. The fact that identical decorational archways are used for several shops however is new. Certainly the stores featuring these decorations offer a wide selection of new merchandise featuring the stars and theme of the festival but other stores also feature selected articles of the merchandise series.

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