Captain EO – an update from outerspace

… the outerspace of management that seems. As pointed out in a comment by Lars to our report that a cast member confirmed the return of “Captain EO” during a guided tour for guests in the Disneyland Park the DLRP Fan Blog has released a leaked internal “Management Flash” from Disneyland Paris confirming the return of “Captain EO”.

A closer look at the memo reveals some interesting details … first of all, different from the official announcement for Tokyo (as covered by the Mousekingdom Blog) or Anaheim the internal memo at Disneyland Paris does NOT mention that the return is only for a limited engagement – even so the general consensus among fans still is, that “Captain EO” will not stay for an unlimited time at Disneyland Paris. Then, just as at Tokyo Disney Resort the internal memo refers only to “Captain EO” and not to “Captain EO Tribute” as the attraction has been named at Disneyland Anaheim for its return there. But there is more in the memo…

The internal memo also mentions a date for the closure of the current “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” movie: May 3rd – in other words: next Monday. However, it should be noted that at this point the closure has not yet been added to the official list of closures on the website of Disneyland Paris. Nevertheless, the date seems about right considering that “Captain EO” is expected to return in time for the busy summer season and the necessary updates and changes to the theater at Tokyo Disneyland for the same replacement are scheduled to take about 7 weeks (including time for previews most probably).

So for when should you schedule a visit to Disneyland Paris if you want to be among the first to see Michael Jackson as “Captain EO” in the 17 min. space adventure after its return? At this point – lacking an official announcement to the press and public – this is difficult. The leaked internal memo only mentions a “mid-June” return. However, fan boards across the internet and the blog Disney and More mention an official opening on June 25th, so exactly one year after his death (which might get the opening some extra media coverage even without a pricey marketing event). On the other hand there is the word that is leaking out from the “casting” department of Disneyland Paris. Word has it that they are currently looking for cast members to operate “Captain EO” as of July. This however is obviously at odds with the announcement in the internal memo by the management… So when will it really open? Only an official announcement, that had been expected by many already for the past Monday, will tell. So, keep checking back…

For more information on the confirmed return of “Captain EO” to Tokyo Disney Resort respectively the according rumors for EPCOT at WDW plus a run down of the various rumors what might come AFTER “Captain EO” also for Disneyland Paris take a look at our detailed coverage over at the Mousekingdom Blog!

UPDATE: the return of “Captain EO” has been officially confirmed for Disneyland Paris as well as EPCOT – and even opening dates were released! Read more about Disneyland Paris in our breaking news post on and regarding EPCOT on the Mousekingdom Blog!

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  2. Lars says:

    Thanks for linking to my blog, Dirk. I’ve just received the official press release from Disneyland Paris and updated my original post on my blog. The full press release is now added to this post:

    It also confirms the return of Captain EO to both Tokyo and Florida.

  3. Phil says:

    Official Press Release on the disney parks blog

  4. Richele says:

    Confirmation Captain EO in paris on june 12:

  5. […] several readers (Thank You!) of the coverage for the return of “Captain EO” to Disneyland Paris on have pointed out the official blog for the Disney Parks, operated by The Walt Disney Company, has […]

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