The Army Men have arrived at Toy Story Playland

Disneytheque managed to get a photo of the latest progress of the construction for the Toy Story Playland in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Seen rising high above the construction walls is now the central metal tower of the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. Later on the arms will be added at the top of the metal column from which the “parachutes” / seats for guests will be suspended.  However, the metal column with the “suttle” camouflage paint job the arms will remain free standing without any major changes, even so some planting (most probably bamboo) will at least cover the lower section of column from walkways outside the future Toy Story Playland. The metal column is the first element of the vertical construction that is visible and already sports its finalized look – all buildings currently under construction are still frames or bare concrete walls only and will receive their themeing at a later point. In the background of the photo the crane can be spotted that was used to errect the metal column. For a closer look check out the original full size photo at Disneytheque!

Photo by Disneytheque

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