New Constellations in the Toy Universe

When Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast opened its gates to recruite guests in Discoveryland to join Buzz Lightyear and his Space Rangers in the battle against Zurg for the battery power and thus the future of the Toy Universe the shop Constellations received a small makeover. Due to its location next to the exit of the new attraction it was supposed to be turned into the Toy Story / Buzz Lightyear shop. However, while the former themeing of the shop related to the star constellations in the sky was taken out and the large centerpiece featuring Mickey Mouse in a flying machine inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci was replaced with a statue of Buzz new themeing elements were rather limited. Also the merchandise selection remained rather wide with basically only the added outdoor vending area between the exit of the ride and the shops side entrance being mostly dedicated to Toy Story related merchandise. However, early this year the themeing of the shop received a major upgrade…

To help steer guests from the exit right into the shop the floor was adorned with large multi colored stickers in the graphic style dominating the Buzz Lightyear pointing guests right into the shop. Unfortunately the system chosen for the huge stickers is not as reliable as expected and first damage can already spotted by the eagle eyed. In addition the walls in the area were covered with new colorful graphics in the toy universe style. Furthermore the former bland display elements and shelves were replaced with all new colorful racks that have been designed to resemble robots from the toy universe – complete with the typical warning messages. Several different robot types and toy space ships also function as shelves inside the shop thus continuing the theme inside Constellations as well.

The result of the new themeing is a much brighter, lighter atmosphere sucessfully picking up the style and mood of the attraction and continuing it into the shop, making the visit at Constellations a fun experience (even if a guest might not buy anything). So next time you visit Buzz and help im defeat Zurg, don’t forget to check out his robot friends and their offers at Constellations!

P.S.: the Aliens made it into the new themeing as well – as three dimensional statues greeting guests on both sides of the doors guests will pass through when entering the shop after the ride.

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