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As reported Friday Disneyland Paris has gifted one free Annual Passport Francilien to countless households in the vincinity of the resort. But what about everyone else? The resort came up with a special offer for everyone else as well.

Color print-outs on the windows of the ticket booths (and even the “Guest Storage” counter outside the Disneyland Park) inform guests that with each Adult Annual Passport Dream or Fantasy Disneyland Paris offers a free Annual Passport for a child up to age 7 (further conditions apply). The current promotion is limited till January 31st.

This latest promotion further confirms that the resort is continuing its policy of 2009 to increase guest numbers – even so many regular guests have voiced their concern about long lines and very crowded feeling parks even during off-season weekends. It seems also questionable whether the resort is fully aware that AP holders as frequently returning guests are bound to notice even small cut-backs and needs for rehabs much more readily than regular guests and – based on the experience of the Disneyand Resort, Anaheim – are also way more outspoken about these.

Anyway, the policy of pushing the number of AP holders up seems to work well – how else could one comment the fact, that during the afternoon of January 2nd the line of guests who wanted to pick up their new AP stretched all the way from the far end of the Annual Passport office to its door, then out of it, down the path leading up to the office, around the bend into the Disneyland Park all the way to the first doors of the Constellations shop next to Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast?? The resulting waiting time as to be measured in hours, even so all counters inside the office were operated.

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