FastPass Update

As reported in late 2009 the resort has outfitted the FastPass dispensing machines at the various attractions with an additional magnet-strip reader. Added to the front of the machines the reader allows guests to swipe their passports (whether Annual Passports or single / multi-day passports) through the reader to receive a FastPass ticket. The new method is less error prone as the original method as the passports are no longer mechanically pulled inside the machine to be pushed out again after reading the magnet stripe, which means passports can’t get stuck inside the machines anymore. Also the methods seems more intuitively for mosts guests based on observation during the busy around New Year period. Finally the new system speeds up compared to prior.

The bigger surprise might have been a little sign that was placed on the concierge desk and check-in counters of the Disneyland Hotel during the busy New Year period: it advertised once again the “Unlimted FastPass”. On sale during the past summer season as a test these tickets offered their holders unlimited access to the FastPass entrances of all attractions in both parks offering FastPass services – without the need to reserve a ride time in advance through the FastPass machines. The tickets were good only for the day they were bought. The return of the signs at the Disneyland Hotel indicate that the test has been deemed a sucess by the resort and the “Unlimited FastPass” are now a regular additional feature that can be bought as add-on. So if visiting the parks on a busy day with a limited time budget but a relatively high monetary budget it could be worth inquiring with the concierge at the Disneyland Hotel on the day of the visit, if any “Unlimited FastPass” are available for the day (as they at least so far were also sold to non-hotel guests).

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