Doc Wassell is in town

Everyone in Thunder Mesa who’s got aches and pains can relieve now – because Doch Wassell’s Traveling Apothecary has arrived offering such cures as Miss J.M. Kerry’s Vegetable Compund, Prof. Arthur’s Lordon Tonic as well as various Indian medicines. The small coach that houses the apothecary has been set up between the Silver Spur Steakhouse and the (covered) terrace seating of the Last Chance Café.

The rather narrow but high wooden coach is the latest plussing added to the themeing in Frontierland and features meticulously painted, detailed side walls advertising the offers of Doc Wassell and his business. Made to look as if the sides could be opened to sell the products right from inside the cart, the coach nevertheless serves decorational purposes only. However, it shows the ongoing effort of Disneyland Paris to plus its theme parks and improve even great themed areas such as Frontierland further if possible.

Side note: the name of the business’ proprietor is rather interesting – “Doc Wassell”. One could wonder whether that is a reference to James Wassell, a senior designer with Walt Disney Imagineering between 1991 and 1995, who describes his work at WDI during this term on his LinkedIn profile as “Developed concepts for theme park and resort properties in Japan and the United States“.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Nice, I’m glad they are making the effort with theme and Frontierland is so good, this is a excellent addition. I have never quite got over the “de Jules Verne-ing” of Space Mountain, so it’s good to see that they want to add things, not take them away like they did with SM2!

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