Construction Work in Winter

With the heavy snow fall and extremly cold temperatures of the last weeks the winter is showing itself from its strongest side. Certainly this is having an effect on Disneyland Paris as well – and one exceeding the magical twist that the snow cover brought to the theme parks and the whole resort. In fact the cold weather and snow is impacting the construction and rehab work planned or already under execution outdoors, where work had to be halted or at least slowed down. However, the resort is not sitting there and just waiting for the coldest part of winter to pass by.

Instead as far as possible smaller projects are now executed which are independent of the weather conditions such as touching up paint jobs. For example recently outside of the Arcade Alpha and Arcade Beta toward the entrance leading into the Videopolis Theatre as seen in the photos here. By the way – the Videopolis is still sitting dormant except for the continuous presentation of classic Mickey Mouse shorts and the small scale performances of the African drummers of the Tam Tams on selected days which have been moved from the cold outdoors in Adventureland (where they usually perform next to the Hakuna Matata Restaurant) into the warm theater.

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